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135 film

This popular film format is more commonly referred to as 35mm film. The perforated film comes in a standardised type of metal magazine, also referred to as a cassette or cartridge. The film can be used to create either colour or black-and-white photos, and is still sold in photography shops and online today.

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Used or not?

If you can see a narrower strip of film coming out of the cassette, your 135 film roll is still unused. If you can’t see any leader strip, photos have already been taken with the roll and there are images on the film – don’t try to open the cassette because exposing the film to light would destroy them. You should take it to a photo lab to have the pictures developed. Have a look here to see if you have one nearby.

Did you know…

… the number 135 refers to the width of the film in millimetres?

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