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You have a VCR

The Video Cassette Recording (VCR, also known as VCR-LP or SVR) was the first successful video recording system for home use. Why the success? Easy: the square-shaped, closed cassettes provided an unsurpassed ease of use. You no longer had to work with complex open reels.

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Up to 60 minutes of imagery

Between 1972 and the mid-1980s, thousands of VCRs found their way into everyone’s living room. There, they were generally used to record television programmes. Unfortunately, recording a complete soccer game was not possible, because a VCR’s maximum record time was 60 minutes.

VCR-cassettes versus recorders

Be careful not to confuse VCR-cassettes with VCR-devices (Video Cassette Recorder). The latter plays elongated VHS-cassettes.

Did you know …

… that the Philips N1500 VCR-recorder was the first system with a timer? Even if you were not at home, you could still record television programmes.

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